FlexCharging Launches EVision Managed Charging Solution

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(FlexCharging, 15.Jun.2023) — FlexCharging, a provider of Electric Vehicle (EV) managed charging, announced the release of its EV grid integration and demand response software solution, EVision. The cloud-based application enables electric utility cooperatives (co-ops) and municipal utilities to launch their own managed charging programs.

Tim Ellis, Energy Resources Director at Poudre Valley REA, a member-owned electric co-op based in Fort Collins, Colorado, says “At PVREA, we need a managed EV charging program to meet the needs of both our electric grid and the increasing number of EV owners in our area. A viable, cost-effective, and user-friendly telematics solution supporting the most available EVs allows us to maximize the positive impact managed EVs can have on our grid. We’re excited to partner with FlexCharging on a new pilot program, DrivEV, that we hope can result in a safer, more reliable, and more affordable supply of power for all our members.”

“We are on a mission to democratize access to smart charging by making our charging technology available to and affordable for smaller regional co-ops,” said Brian Grunkemeyer, CEO and Founder of FlexCharging. “EVision’s smart charging benefits are threefold: It reduces costs for EV owners, decreases energy loads on utilities, and lowers carbon emissions for the world.”

EVision-powered managed charging and incentive programs support more EV brands than anyone else. Drivers simply connect their vehicles, using the same login and password they currently use for their car app, and the software automatically confirms they are enrolled. The EV owner then plugs in normally and EVision, in cooperation with their local utility, turns charging on and off remotely when they are home (typically late at night) to avoid expensive electricity rates (and to lower demand during peak usage hours), EVision tracks the charging and makes sure that the EV owners get the incentives they deserve.

Rural Demand for Managed Charging

EV’s are being rapidly adopted everywhere. In the U.S. alone, 900 co-ops serve more than half (56%) of the country’s landmass, and power over 40 million homes and businesses. In these areas, demand is being fueled by growing interest in EV ownership, newfound funding for charging infrastructure, and regulations that are forcing entire states to move to EVs.

A 2022 Consumer Affairs survey corroborates that growth, citing that the number of rural drivers who would at least seriously consider buying or leasing an EV nearly tripled in the past two years (up to 29%). As a result, more co-ops are seeking EV smart charging programs with incentives for the EV owners who sign up and use them.

EVision uses each individual co-op’s branding to maintain a seamless connection between drivers and their trusted utility. The software helps reduce the emissions from EV charging, lowers the cost of charging for EV owners, and minimizes charging during peak hours.


EVision is available now to utilities of all sizes in the US, Canada, Australia, and parts of the EU. To learn more, contact FlexCharging at info@flexcharging.com for a demo or to join our Take Charge program which enables co-ops to test-drive EVision today.

About FlexCharging

FlexCharging is a provider of telematics-based, electric vehicle (EV) managed smart charging solutions. The company empowers utility companies of all sizes and phases of residential EV adoption to implement uniquely branded managed charging programs compatible across all major makes and models. EVision, its core offering, is a cloud-based grid integration and EV demand response solution that reduces the emissions from charging, lowers the cost of charging for owners, and minimizes charging during peak hours. FlexCharging is a privately held company headquartered in Redmond, WA with team members around the globe. For more information visit https://www.flexcharging.com.


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