Energy Innovations to Collaborate with Maas Energy

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(Energy Innovations, 19.Jun.2023) — Energy Innovations has received orders from Maas Energy Works for the fabrication and delivery of two Biogas Upgrading units, with joint plans for additional units thereafter. The commitment marks a significant milestone for Energy Innovations as a packager of CO-2 removal, H2S removal, and associated gas handling systems. The order highlights the strong reputation that Energy Innovations has built in the industry as a provider of long-term, reliable biogas equipment.

Maas Energy Works has utilized Energy Innovations’ biogas handling equipment across 50+ biogas projects in the US, a testament to the quality and reliability of our equipment and the skills of our service staff. We are honored to have earned the trust of such a reputable company in the biogas space and look forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship with Maas Energy Works.

“Energy Innovations has come through for us in countless situations over the last 13 years,” declared Daryl Maas, CEO of Maas Energy Works. “Energy Innovations continually rises to the occasion and helps to provide us with the new equipment we need and works with us to refine designs in order to work well on the rural projects we are accustomed to. They have earned our trust many times over and we are excited for what the future holds.”

CO2 Membrane system being assembled in EI shop

“Our team at Energy Innovations is excited to partner with Maas Energy Works on this next big step in biogas handling equipment. We look forward to meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations,” said Ted Thompson, CEO of Energy Innovations. “We continue to be committed to providing innovative solutions and outstanding customer service to all of our clients, and we look forward to working with Maas Energy Works to achieve their goals. Energy Innovations is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients, and we are proud to have received this commitment from Maas Energy Works. We will continue to work tirelessly to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver innovative solutions that help them succeed.”

Energy Innovations

Very few companies have extensive experience of 10+ years in the biogas industry. Energy Innovations, formerly known as Electric Innovations, is a highly skilled and adaptive equipment packager that has put more dairy biogas projects online and successfully generated more revenue for its clients in California than any other company. Energy Innovations has built supporting biogas handling equipment systems for over 63 biogas digester projects, including Co-Gen Net Metering, Co-Gen Biomat projects, and RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) projects. Energy Innovations is able to provide all necessary equipment on an anaerobic digester site in order to collect, scrub, meter, and compress the biogas until it reaches utility grade. Their full menu of capabilities includes: Generator packaging and installation, packaged gas pre-conditioning skids, containerized PDC’s, H2S scrubbing, biogas metering, and now biogas upgrading.


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