YPFB Initiates Sale Of Urea In El Alto

(Energy Analytics Institute, Ian Silverman, 1.Dec.2018) — Bolivia’s YPFB initiated the sale of urea in El Alto at a price of Bs 167 per 50 kilo bag.

The state-owned oil company aims to approach the municipalities of La Paz to discuss ways to better educate the public about the commercial benefits of urea at agricultural fairs in Mecapaca, Achocalla, Caranavi, Alcoche and Chua, and in general areas where there is potential in the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruits, YPF announced in a statement on its website.

Our urea is now reaching the western part of Bolivia, reported YPFB, citing YPFB Executive President Óscar Barriga Arteaga.

YPFB has already introduced urea to eastern parts of the Andean country including Santa Cruz, the valleys of Cochabamba, Tarija and Chuquisaca, said Barriga.



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