Talos Energy, Pan American Ink Deal To Cross-Assign Interests In Mexico

(Talos Energy Inc., 5.Nov.2018) — Talos Energy Inc. entered into a transaction with, Hokchi Energy, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Pan American Energy, to cross-assign its Participating Interest (PI) in Block 2 and Pan American’s PI in Block 31, both in the Sureste Basin offshore Mexico.

Under the agreed conditions for the swap, Talos will assign a 25% PI in Block 2 to Pan American in exchange for a 25% PI in Block 31, which is immediately to the south of Block 2.

On October 30th, CNH approved the PI transfer of Block 2 to Pan American. Approval of the transfer of the Block 31 PI to Talos and the transfer of operatorship of Block 2 to Pan American are expected in the coming weeks. Once that occurs and the transaction is closed, Pan American will be the operator of both blocks and Talos will own a 25% PI on Block 2 and a 25% PI on Block 31. The goal of this transaction is to better aggregate each party’s inventory into one potential development program to increase scale in terms of total resources and total combined production. The contract areas are located in water depths between 100 and 150 feet (25 and 35 meters).



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