Melbana Says UK Investors Eyeing Cuba

(Melbana Energy Limited, 2.Jul.2018) – Melbana Energy Limited announced a potential dual listing on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is being actively considered, as it is clear there is strong UK investor interest in Cuba as an investment destination.

The company is considering any number of corporate business development initiatives, after recent marketing initiatives in the UK.

A General Meeting (GM) will shortly be scheduled to, amongst other things, provide the necessary constititutional changes required to enable an AIM listing should the Melbana Board determine to do so in the future. These proposed changes to the constitution are preparatory only and will provide flexibility but have no effect unless the Board determines to proceed with an AIM listing.

To facilitate our business development activities Melbana has engaged McDaniel & Associate Consultants, an independent expert with substantial Cuban experience, to assess the prospective resources available in Block 9 with their assessment report expected to be available in the third quarter.


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