Pipeline Releases 125 Bbls into Magdalena River

(Energy Analytics Institute, Ian Silverman, 30.Jun.2018) – Ecopetrol announced an oil spill of 125 barrels into the Magdalena River.

The spill occurred while repair activities were being conducted to an underwater pipeline that transports crude from the auxiliary station of the municipality of Cantagallo (Bolívar) to the Isla 6 station located in the town of Puerto Wilches (Santander). The incident, which occurred on June 13, 2018, caused oil to spill into the Magdalena River, reported the daily newspaper El Tiempo.

The estimates, of the barrel amounts, were made utilizing hydraulic simulation computer tools, data about the length and altitude of the pipeline, pressure, the observed failure area of the pipeline, fluid characteristics, water cut of the transported fluid, the time at which the event started, as well as filling volume during commissioning.


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