ENAP Board Appoints New CEO

(ENAP, 29.Jun.2018) – The new executive has a long and successful career, which highlights his experience in the management of large companies, as well as an innovative business vision.

After an exhaustive search and selection process carried out by the consultancy Seminarium, ENAP Board of Directors, headed by its Chairwoman, Loreto Silva, made the decision to appoint Mr. Andrés Roccatagliata Orsini, as chief executive of the company, who will take office on August 6.

The Board of Directors sought an executive with extensive experience in leading large companies and high-performance teams, with an innovative business perspective to accompany in the challenge of making the company more dynamic and efficient, which improves the existing internal knowledge and allows enhancing the advantages of ENAP. The new chief executive will contribute his leadership capacity and renewed vision to generate the necessary synergies in a dynamic area that requires new solutions for new challenges.

“In ENAP and in this Board of Directors there are professionals who know well the energy business and the company, today we look for a fresh and innovative look that allows us to make the leap and get ahead of the sector. Andrés has a very refined business perspective, he knows how to look for opportunities, generate alliances and adapt large companies to highly competitive industries and environments,” explained Loreto Silva.

Andrés Roccatagliata, a business engineer by profession, currently serves as vice president of Banco Ripley in Chile and Peru, a position he assumed after being chief executive of Ripley for nearly a decade. Previously, he made a career of more than 20 years at Banco Santander, where he has started as a collecting agent to end as Manager of the Commercial Banking Division.

His main challenge will be given by the implementation of the recently approved Business Development Plan that will allow ENAP to adapt and innovate in such a competitive and dynamic environment as the energy sector, in order to improve the company’s equity and cash generation capacity.

In the opinion of the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors “We have made available all our work and dedication to install the new Corporate Government and move forward in the construction of an efficient and sustainable ENAP. Our first goal was the revision of the strategic plan to ensure that the company can fulfill its key role in the country’s development, which is to provide security of supply in clean fuels and build a sustainable energy future. Today, it will be up to Andrés to promote this view from innovation. Thanks to his leadership ability to summon teams of excellence and build optimal working climates, we are sure he will achieve it successfully,” said the head of the board of the state-owned company.


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